About Mutt 'n' Vair Imagery

Underground at Cave of the MoundsHi! I'm Clint Hotaling, and I own and run Mutt 'n' Vair Imagery.

I live and work in southern Wisconsin, centered around the Madison area. Having traveled all over the state and a goodly share of the country via backroads and little towns, I  find places that have a magic and stories all their own. I also can capture that magic for you and your client. How do you want me to help you tell your story?

My gregariousness developed with an incredibly sharp family to live up to and my equally sharp friends in my living history club. One of the things that my parents expected from me was to indentify problems, come up with workable solutions and put those solutions into action. I've solved problems, both mine and other people's, my entire adult life.

Visit my Behance page to see some of my design work. 

Ask me how I can work with you to create imagry solutions to help tell your story.