What is "Mutt 'n' Vair"?

Mutt 'n' Vair DeviceThat is my most asked question. Once you see my logo, the answer is simple. Take a look at the logo to the right. The "Mutt" is easy enough. The white dog leaping up is very obvious. Vair is that blue and white pattern across the top. The down and dirty way to describe my logo is "Mutt 'n' Vair".

The logo comes from my activities in my history club. The emblem is unique to me, as checked and registered by a battery of experts. If you want the formal description, it's "Vert, a mastiff salient argent and a chief vair". (Green background, featuring a silver/white leaping mastiff dog and top section in the blue and white interlocking bullet (vair) pattern.)

It follows the rules for good logo design, so why not use it?